Xmas commentary…

“That’s my homework.”
– re her ‘First Sewing’ set.

– age 3 years 5 months 1 week 2 days


Save ‘um…

Re tube of Pringles she has been working her way through…
Talise: “Do you want another? You can have all of them if you want.”
Daddy: “Why don’t we save them for later?”
Talise: “Yeah!”
– with great enthusiasm!

– upon seeing…

“This book is getting all silly now and it’s getting all muddled up!”

“That story’s getting all silly.”

Mummy: “Get out of my kitchen!”
Talise: “Mummy, you shouldn’t say that, coz it’s not just your kitchen, it’s our kitchen as well.”

-age 3 years 5 months 1 week 1 day

Things 4 Dec 11 – 23 Dec 11

I’ve been offline for a little while, so here are some sayings and some doings I have collated over the last few weeks…


“I dreamed of chocolate!”

Sitting in shopping trolley…
“Catch my trump!”
– then lifts bum and trumps.


Whenever the number 3 comes up…
“I’m 3!”

“They’re a bit funny, aren’t they?”
– referring to the children on the video, Barney: Fun & Games.

“Policemen shouldn’t eat doughnuts.”

“Diveos” = videos/DVDs


“There’s no stairs and it’s all spread out like that!”
– upon waking, coming out of her room and noticing our lovely new ‘stairless’ bungalow.

“What bad luck.”


“You two are naughty… and I’m perfect.”

When asked what was her favourite part of the day, she said…
“When Daddy had his hair cut!”


“I can’t see very well, so I need bigger eyes.”
– while looking at very small pictures.

“Are you happy?”
– &…
“You silly old foal.”


“I will like you, Dad
And I will like you, Mum
If you will dream about me!”


“I like your white shirt, coz our wall is white.”

“His van is very heavy, though, to pick up.”
– Postman Pat’s

Daddy: “Am I the king?”
Talise: “No, not very much.”


Mummy: “Daddy’s a bit strange.”
Talise: “Only this one.”
Mummy: “What?”
Talise: “Only this Daniel.”


Looking at pic of Christmas pud on advent calendar…
Daddy: “What’s that?”
Talise: “A lump!”


While giggling…
“I’m quite funny, aren’t I?”

“Look, they’re so, so sweet.”
– the tiny Christmas trees.

“Father Christmas in his sleigh… Baby Jesus in the hay… Little robin in the tree… It’s Christmas time for you and me!”
– memorised and in Christmas card she made at kindergarten.


“Maybe a sausage.”
– randomly!

“I don’t really like oranges, but they’re nice.”


“‘Stop it, shower!’ I always say that as well.”

Who needs toys? An empty bubblebath bottle, a sponge and some bubbles, and she’s happy. 🙂


“Oh dear! That’s not good.”

“There’s no cars today moving – it’s nice and peaceful.”


She wants to hit everything with her spatula.

“Oh dear – that’s not good – a policeman will get them!’
– response to dropped litter.

“Night night, Belle” – *mwah* – “Night night, Snow White” – *mwah* – “Night night, Cinderella” – *mwah* – “Night night, Sleeping Beauty” – *mwah* – “She sleeps.”


“Mans have hair up their nose and ladies have bogies.”

“Our car is happy.”

“I want something to eat, though – something perfect.”

“When people are naked, people don’t leave the door open, coz they get cold.”

– age 3 years 5 months 1 week


Talise: “I’m a bit grumpy.”
Daddy: “Why?”
Talise: “Coz everyone’s annoying me.”

While snuggling on the sofa with Daddy…
“This is my space.”

– age 3 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 days