Flags & castles…

“You do it when someone is coming over to your house.”

“Today, tomorrow and always…”
– quoting ‘Barbie & The Diamond Castle’

– age 4 years 2 weeks 1 day


Unnecessary precipitation…

Daddy: “D’you want a cuddle?”
Talise: “Pft… pft… if I must.”

A “heli-jelly” is a “fly-y jelly”.

“The dirt is sticking to the clouds – on my shoes.”

A cloud…
“That’s the size of a fish.”

When it rained…
“The flowers did need this… but we didn’t need it!”

– age 4 years 2 weeks

Celestial weariness…

“There’s just one star… I think it’s a shooting star. I think it doesn’t want to shoot anymore. I think it’s tired.”

– age 4 years 1 week 6 days

To Daddy…
“I hope you have a lovely time… on your holiday.”

“I haven’t gone on holiday, I just went to the toilet!”

Talise: “I wanna go inside with these things.”
Daddy: “Okay then.”
Talise: “Are you not interested then?”

As she climbs onto the trampoline…
“Clap, you two.”
Mummy & Daddy clap…
“I need flowers!”

“Daddy, I’ve got something for you…”
Passes Daddy some bread roll…
“I’ve just licked the butter off.”

– age 4 years 1 week 5 days

Beautiful knees…

“I can see the sky, coz it’s there.”

Mummy: “I can’t hear my phone.”
Talise: “Coz you’re not by your phone.”

“When it was my Belle birthday, was that all of the coins?”

“I’m always a Lazy Maisy, but today I’m not a Lazy Maisy.”

Mummy: “You can’t just eat crisps all day.”
Talise: “Oh.”

“A pub is… a restaurant where people eat food and drink… and the people who make the food give it to the visitors that come to the restaurant… then they eat it all up and go home.”

“My knees are beautiful, but not men knees.”

“I can’t count to ever. Ooh, it’s too hard… Ever is a long time – and hundred is even bigger!”

Daddy: “Talise, do you need to climb on me all the time?”
Talise: “Yes, normally.”

“You argued with Mummy about the Christmas tree! You thought it was too big! And I’m cross with you about that!”

Talise: “Where’s Mummy?”
Daddy: “She’s on the phone.”
Talise: “I’ve been waiting and waiting for Mummy.”

“Am I getting all of the air out your belly?”
– as she pushes Daddy’s belly with her feet.

“I’m 4 now. I’m still 4, aren’t I?”

Daddy: “Don’t complain.”
Talise: “Sometimes I need too, though.”

– age 4 years 1 week 5 days


To Daddy…
“Feed yourself, coz we can’t feed you, coz then you’ll look like a baby.”

“Pencil emergency!”

– age 4 years 1 week 4 days

Waddle wee…

“When I waddle, don’t think I need a wee.”

To Daddy…
“You’re slurping it, aren’t you? Boys do that.”

Watching ‘Tinker Bell’ movie…
“Daddy, when we play the Tinker Bell game, she looks like that on the DS, doesn’t she?”

“It’s not about winning, it’s about tidying up.”

Near the end of ‘Barbie and the Diamond Castle’ film…
“They’re working as a team!”

– age 4 years 1 week 3 days

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