Chicken shop snores…


“You always snore, Mummy, in hotels.”


“Bye bye, chicken shop, have a nice day here.”

“You’re putting me off, you two, coz I’m trying to say 8!”

“Their nest is their sofa… and… the tree is their home.”

– age 4 years 1 month 2 weeks



“Daddy, I’m going more upper!… I shouldn’t have do this…”

“I love my day… today!”

To Daddy…
“You go on that little line… it doesn’t matter if you go off it… just follow the line… go on this smudge…”

“We’ve gone to loads of places in this world, haven’t we?”

– age 4 years 1 month 5 days

Custard button…

Her library book…
“I won’t let a dog rip the pages, dad.”

“Daddy, I have a rhyme for you… sad dad!”

Daddy: “What would happen if you undid your belly button?”
Talise: “It would squirt custard out.”


“Ooh that hurt my brain… biting in my head.”

– age 4 years 1 month 4 days

Pigeons & princesses…

“Look at him, he’s all grand!”

“Princess Bruno!”

“The more it rains, it gets more rainyer. Doesn’t it?”

“My strawberry plant doesn’t like rain. It said earlier today.”

“I hope that bird is dry, on its feathers and wings… I think its wings are keeping him dry… Why are you laughing?”

“How does rain come through trees, dad?”

“How do they make cars?”

“Let’s not be knights, let’s be proper people.”

“This is the day of your dreams!”

“Mummy, your hair is done now. You so look like a princess now.”

– age 4 years 1 month 1 day

Too clever…

Talise: “How did the flower get in this dress?”
Mummy: “I dunno, it’s quite clever, isn’t it?”
Talise: “Too clever.”

– age 4 years 1 month 1 day


“If Scarlett comes to our house, I can show her that I can hop on the trampoline!”

“Peeka is like Hide and Seek, where Cheebies seek and the Piplings hide.”

“If you don’t have hair, Mr Hairdryer will make you have hair…”

– age 4 years 4 weeks 2 days

Shush Leaf…

To Daddy…
“This is your Shush Leaf. No talking, no laughing, not a word.”

“When it’s sunny, butterflies come out, don’t they? And butterflies go on your nose, don’t they?”

On her scooter…
“When I say go… go!”

“When it’s sunny, I’ll go on my bike, and when it’s not sunny, I won’t go on my bike. Is that a deal?”

“I did it two times to double check.”

Talise: “Look at that white flower.”
Daddy: “I think it’s called a trumpet vine.”
Talise: “It isn’t.”
Daddy: “What’s it called then?”
Talise: “A pretty white flower.”

– age 4 years 4 weeks 2 days

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