Snow & kippers…

“Snow is really magical and it makes you have a really really love heart.”

“They’re so yummy, I’m gonna fall.”
– kippers

“If you didn’t have snow, there wouldn’t be any people.”

“Mm-mm-mmm! It’s a hundred yummy!”
– on Morrison’s White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie Kit

When Horrid Henry screams about something…
“That is horrid.”

“Can I have some more hot milk?”
– pointing to her tummy…
“I have some more room.”

– age 4 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day



Mummy : “What food do you think we should eat on my birthday?”
Talise: “Loads of sweets and cake.”

sweets and cake

– age 4 years 6 months 1 week 5 days

Snow good…

Daddy: “You look like a star.”
Talise: “But I’m not, I’m a door!”

To Mummy…
“If you like the sun… it will melt Christmas, sun will.”

To Mummy…
“You are snow… and I am a hotel.”

To Mummy…
“If you don’t like snow and ice… you won’t like me, coz I’m that.”

“He has nobs on his head… I mean spikes.”
– Milo from ‘The Tweenies’

tweenies rocket ride milo nobs_27jan13

Mummy: “Have you been sparkling in your sandles?”
Talise: “Lelli Kellys, you mean!”

lelli kelly world

“Emergency, it’s twisted!”
– her seat belt

– age 4 years 6 months 1 week 4 days


Daddy: “Do you have an alibi?”
Talise: “I do have b’ni’oculars.”


Cosmological discourse…

Daddy: “The Universe is the biggest thing you can get.”
Talise: “Not like the biggest cabbage.”

abney teal cabbage

Daddy: “Everything is in the Universe.”
Talise: “Not… peas!”

peas in space_27jan13

She also asked me what shape is the universe, I said I don’t know, and she said the Universe knows.

She is pretty sure the Universe is a ‘he’.

Since she has started watching the Boomerang channel, she’s getting to know the adverts – a favourite is Mazuma Mobile!

mazuma mobile man

– age 4 years 6 months 1 week 4 days


“All music is good. Even spider music is good!”

spiderman busker

– age 4 years 6 months 1 week 1 days

Shooting & banana-ing…

When they were failing to take a decent family photo in ‘The Garfield Show’
“Maybe mum should be there.”

Garfield pics_21jan13_C3530

Playing ‘Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll’ on the Wii with Daddy…
Daddy: “We’ve got more time.”
Talise: “Yes – to do more shooting and banana-ing.”

super monkey ball shoot banana

– age 4 years 6 months 6 days

Conversational preference…

To Daddy…
“I don’t want you to talk to me. I want Iggle Piggle to talk to me.”


– age 4 years 6 months 4 days

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