Giant magic wee…

“I’m not telling lies. I never ever tell lies. Sometimes I do, though.”

“A giant is the same age as the sky.”

The Giant by NC Wyeth

“I’m warm with no clothes on. That’s magic.”

magic wand

“I had a trump and a wee.”

– age 4 years 8 months 1 week 6 days


Jesus toast…

“Who’s Jesus Christ? He isn’t even called that!”

easter egg bunny jesus

“If you want to come to my party, you have to eat seven bites.”

toast 7 bites

– age 4 years 8 months 1 week 5 days


When she saw a shoe and a brick…
“The Story of the Shoe and the Brick.”

the story of the shoe and the brick

She kissed a boy on the lips today! But she didn’t like it, because his lips were wet.

snoopy kissing lucy

– age 4 years 8 months 1 week 3 days

Funky groovy…

“The Queen and the teachers are the only important things.”

important queen teachers

When Daddy went for his first wee of the day…
“Not again. You should have had one before you went to sleep.”

“Blast off! Blast off! I love you, blast off!”

Daddy: “What does ‘funky’ mean?”
Talise: “Groovy groovy groovy…”

funky groovy

– age 4 years 8 months 1 week 1 day


“Uh! Look at the garden! It’s gonna be all white, the world.”

All White in the World_23mar13_C3530

“Tomorrow I’m going to the ICT suite.”

ict suite

“1, 2, 3… It’s good to be me!”

Looking out the window at the snow…
“The whole world is gonna be covered in snow… and you won’t be able to see anything at all… The whole world will be white… and we will all be frozen… even birds… and even flowers! If that happened, we wouldn’t be able to have hot milk or pizza or nothing… if that happened… and we won’t be able to talk! And we will be in our pose… this is mine… and if I had all ice on me, I wouldn’t be wobbly… and I would just be freezin’… and I wouldn’t be able to move or walk or dance or jump!”

– age 4 years 8 months 1 week


“I like going in the slop.”

Footprints on the slushy pavement. Image shot 2005. Exact date unknown.

– age 4 years 8 months 6 days

If you know…

She wants to go to Nara for her birthday.

waybuloo nara

“If you don’t know what things are, you know what they are… and if you do know what they are, you know what they are.”

age 4 years 8 months 6 days

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